Our Services

At PDQ Landscape Maintenance we pride ourselves on our professional high standard of work and craftsmanship while being polite and courteous at all times. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for our gardening and landscape maintenance services we would initially arrange a meeting which fits around your schedule to discuss your requirements.

  • Strimming

    From a precision border manicure to fully inclusive waste ground clearance we have the skills and equipment to strim and trim foliage on all scales. Ideal for edging lawns and garden tidying and also for shredding vegitation for weed removal and for land change of use.

  • Weed Killing

    At PDQ Landscape Maintenance we are full licenced to use industrial weed killing chemicals which are kind to the environment but prove deadly for unwanted plants. We can deploy total clearance fluids for building or driveway preparation or lawn treatments which feed grass whilst removing moss and weeds.

  • Pitch Marking

    For school playing fields, council leisure centres and recreational grounds from football to rugby and cricket to tennis. Here at PDQ Landscape Maintenance we can both prepare your playing surface and mark it out precisely using the finest line marking paints available.

  • Stump Grinding

    Our cost effective stump grinding service eats at the tree stump, shredding it away leaving a shallow hole which is filled and turfed as required. This method is faster and cheaper than full stump removal and does not disturb and nearby structures.

  • Leaf Collection

    Each autumn we clear many tonnes of leaves from residential, industrial and council land. We utilise various blowers and vacuums with inbuilt shredding systems which mulsh down the leaf product to be disposed of with care for the environment.

  • Hedge Trimming

    There’s always maintenance involved in anything worthwhile and that includes trimming hedges to keep them neat and tidy. From annually to up to four trims a year depending on species and styling requirements we know what we are trimming, and ensure no bare patches and survival of a healthy plant.

  • Winter Safety

    Our maintenance service doesn't pause for the winter. Getting to know your property during the summer allows us to continue throughout the colder months when regular visits can be arranged to apply rocksalt to paths and hard standing, replenish grit bins or to provide a snow clearance service.

  • Fencing

    We can supply and install fence panels sourced direct from quality manufacturers. Whether you require a single replacement panel or a completely new fence we will meet your needs with confidence. We supply close-board fencing, garden trellis, pre-treated fence panels, picket fences, concrete fence posts and gravel boards amongst many others.

  • Decking

    Here at PDQ Landscape Maintenance we are experienced in helping our customers achieve the best results concerning any aspect of their decking project providing a contemporary appearance which will stimulate your gardens characteristic creating an outdoor area accessible all year round and adding considerable value to your property.

  • Gates

    We can source off the shelf or custom designs and install gates of varying ranges and types. From simple side and garden gates to double driveway and bar gates. Prior to selecting your gate style/ size etc, we can provide a site survey. Or, we are happy to assist you with guidance on what information we require to produce an accurate gate installation cost.

  • Grass Cutting

    We schedule our grass cutting service around the seasons and you. A well manicured lawn requires different machinery and timescale compared with a sports field or pitch. Equally industrial areas differ in their requirements. We taylor all our services to you so quote on an individual basis.

  • Site Clearance

    We have a range of specialised site clearance equipment, which allows us to work on steep banks, large gardens, grass lands and rough terrain. Areas overrun by bramble, nettles and wild plants can be cleared safely. We ensure the safety of wild life, animals and people and also check for invasive species such as Japanese Knot Weed and Giant Hog Weed.